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*Master Mind Mentorship* – CAPOEIRA COURSES
*Master Mind Mentorship*

*Master Mind Mentorship*

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*Master Mind Mentorship*

Let’s get 100 new students together!

As you know, I am in the early stages of my biggest project ever. It is probably the last time I will build a large organization from scratch and I decided to share the process with a few close and motivated friends.

I plan to get 100 new students in the next few months and I was thinking it would be interesting if a few more teachers around the world got together as a Master-mind group to motivate and inspire each other to do the same.

Every week I will share with this group exactly what I am doing from the moment I wake up until I go to bed. You will have access to my physical practices, my personal development routines, marketing, strategy and planning. You will see everything as it is . No filters no fake crap. Honest hard work and hustle. The good the bad and the ugly that nobody out there is teaching.

If this resonates with you, and you are willing to commit yourself to a process that creates measurable breakthroughs I would love to have you take part.

I am offering a 3 month mentorship program limited to 10 people. Once again this is a small, personal and private project. It’s not for everyone by any means.

We start October 1st, and we work hard for 3 Months.

You get:
- [ ] Early access to the level 3 Instructors course
- [ ] Weekly zoom session with strategy and goal setting
- [ ] 24 hour chat for Q&A and support
- [ ] Behind the scene look into the early stages of building a big community.
- [ ] Connection to a peer group of like minded leaders.
- [ ] Access to restricted videos of my classes on YouTube.

Just to make sure I was clear. This is a once in a lifetime offer. 6 months from now I will probably have full groups and no extra time to Mentor online. It’s literally now or never.

If you feel this might be for you, get in touch quickly, the are launching in exactly 6 days.