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São Bento pequeno rhythm

São Bento Pequeno rhythm is played by the Berimbau Medioin the Capoeira Angola orchestra. Some call São Bento Pequeno an Inverted Angola as its bits are inverted  from the Angola rhythm.

Angola Rhythm

The Angola rhythm is the principal rhythm in the Capoeira Angola style.

Capoeira Angola is considered as the oldest and most traditional rhythm among the Capoeira styles and rhythms.

The Angola rhythm is usually slow and played with the same Berimbau type that starts the Roda (Gunga) .

São Bento grande de angola rhythm

São Bento grande de angola is usually played by the Berimbau Viola and with many improvisations.

There are some Capoeira Regional groups that uses São Bento grande de angola rhythm to play fast games, even it’s not an official Capoeira Regional rhythm !

São Bento grande de angola was probably the rhythm of the “Capoeiragem” and the old times.

São Bento Grande de Bimba Rhythm

The most common Berimbau rhythm in the Capoeira Regional, created by Mestre Bimba.

This is the only rhythm that Mestre Bimba used to play, sing and clap hands to in the roda !

Mestre Bimba played São Bento grande with one Berimbauand two Pandeiros.

Banguela Rhythm

musica de capoeira rhythm was composed by Mestre Bimba and is played in the Capoeira Roda.

This rhythm has no  hand claping and no singing, it can be played in the beginning of the roda to warm up, Mestre Bimba also used it to calm the Roda if it got to tough.

When playing this rhythm the Capoeira game is usually slower and the movements are more close to the ground, where the capoeristas try to lead each other in the game without  interrupting one to the other.

Iuna Rhythm

Iuna is a rhythm composed by Mestre Bimba, it is based on the voices of the Iuna birds.

The Iuna rhythm is composed of two parts, one is the male wooing sounds and the second is the female response.

Mestre Bimba used Iuna rhythm to show the “Cintura Desprezada” and “Sequencia de Bimba” in the Roda or to give respect to another Mestre or special guest that came to the Roda, only Formados where allowed to play Capoeira  with this rhythm.

Idalina Rhythm

The Idalina rhythm was created by Mestre Bimba. There is no special game style for this rhythm, Mestre Bimba usually played Idalina at trainings and unofficial Rodas.

Cavalaria Rhythm

Cavalaria is an old rhythm, in the past this rhythm was used to warn the capoaristas in the Roda that the police is coming. The Cavalaria rhythm is trying to imitate galloping horses because in that times the police came riding on horses.

Santa Maria Rhythm

Back in the old days, the Santa Maria rhythm was played to warn the capoerisatas that there is someone with a knife in the Roda.

These days some uses the Santa Maria rhythm for a game in the Roda that his goal is to grab an object  (usually money) that was left on the ground with the mouth.

Amazonas Rhythm

The Amazonas rhythm was created by Mestre Bimba, the assumption is that rhythm was used to welcome important Mestre and guest that came to the roda. Where others are saying that Mestre Bimba created the Amazonas  rhythm for a women.

Hino da Capoeira Regional Rhythm

Hino Da Capoeira Regional rhythm is also knows as Santa Maria De Angola.

Mestre Bimba thought that this is the most beautiful Capoeira rhythm and announced it as the Capoeira Regional Hino rhymn.

There is no special game in the Roda for this rhythm.