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"A good athlete must train hard, a good Teacher must study hard."

The training revolution has begun Finally available online

We are excited to announce the first ever online Capoeira Instructor’s course lead by Mestre Cueca.

Mestre Cueca has been teaching the in-class Instructor’s course since 1999 and has
personally certified hundreds of teachers around the world. He is now ready to start
teaching the course in an ONLINE format where he will be passing and sharing his
knowledge, experiences and mentorship by connecting with different Capoeira
communities ONLINE.

You will get a lot of practical information that can literally change your life!
Many teachers doubled and tripled their groups after participating in the course. You also
get a diploma but let’s be honest – Knowledge is more important than a piece of paper.

Everything you need to build your group
Who is the course for?
Experienced instructors who are in search of new approaches and fresh perspectives on the art of teaching Capoeira

Instructors beginning their teaching journey who already have some practical experience and looking to add more tools to the toolkit

Advanced students who want to become a successful Capoeira teacher with structured methods