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NEW YEAR SALE-Level 1+2 instructor course – CAPOEIRA COURSES

NEW YEAR SALE-Level 1+2 instructor course

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Thank you 2022 bless for 2023 get a special price for new year level 1 and 2 for just $499 


The level 1 Instructors course- Fundamentals of teaching consists of 10 chapters that are essentially a complete tool kit for any teacher.

There are universal teaching skills that can be taught and perfected. Being an effective teacher is to communicate your knowledge in a way that can be absorbed effortlessly by the student.

Each chapter of the course consists of 4 main lessons.

1. Methodology- How to teach effectively
2. Mindset- Fine tuning your posture to add passion emotion and focus to your teaching
3. Music- From basics to a full bateria. supercharge your Roda with infectious axe.
4. Technique- A complete breakdown of all the capoeira moves for Begginers to get in the game.

The level 2 online course
- specialization for teaching teens and children
is the most comprehensive practical guide to teaching capoeira available online.

This course is the result of over 25 years of research and experience of top teachers from Brazil, Israel, Russia and India.

Learn the how to modify capoeira for every age group taking into consideration developmental, psychological and emotional stages.

Follow a step by step formula for planning a class, Inventing games and drills.

Never run out of fresh ideas for making your class engaging and exciting.

We are excited to announce the first ever online Capoeira Instructor’s course lead by Mestre Cueca.

Mestre Cueca has been teaching the in-class Instructor’s course since 1999 and has
personally certified hundreds of teachers around the world. He is now ready to start
teaching the course in an ONLINE format where he will be passing and sharing his
knowledge, experiences and mentorship by connecting with different Capoeira
communities ONLINE.

You will get a lot of practical information that can literally change your life!
Many teachers doubled and tripled their groups after participating in the course. You also
get a diploma but let’s be honest – Knowledge is more important than a piece of paper.